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J Hotel Shanghai Tower features seven distinctive restaurants and bars that offer the art of fine dining in the clouds. These include Heavenly Jin, which is one of the world's highest restaurants, Kinnjyou Inaka for a serene Japanese experience, Jin Yan for the best of Chinese cuisine, Centouno for Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, the Lobby Lounge, the Yi Lounge and the Café & Patisserie. Each establishment has its own unique design and artistic décor, welcoming guests to enjoy spectacular views of Shanghai while feasting on diverse cuisines, fine wines and imaginative cocktails.

Heavenly Jin

The restaurant is located on Floor 120 of the Shanghai Tower, 556 meters above ground, Heavenly Jin is currently one of the world's highest restaurants. Inside the restaurant, diners are seated beneath a sky of ribbon-like crystal lights as they enjoy delicacies prepared by chefs from all over the world—a heavenly experience in the clouds that is not to be missed.


Bask in the warmth of modern Southern Italian and Mediterranean ambiance while sampling gastronomic delights based on traditional and unpretentious recipes passed down through generations. With fresh, home-made pastas and specialty meats and cheeses, you will almost feel transported to a different time and place.

Kinnjyou Inaka

Kinnjyou Inaka Japanese restaurant evokes a feeling of elegance and eternity with an infinity mirror design integrated in the ceiling and partitions. The restaurant specializes in Kaiseki and Teppanyaki cuisine, each dining area offers a different view of the city, while the chefs perform live Japanese cooking techniques and present fresh and authentic Japanese cuisine.

Jin Yan

Jin Yan restaurant serves authentic Cantonese cuisine.Featuring classic shades of Chinese red, the restaurant is a proud demonstration of the beauty of traditional Chinese craftsmanship, inviting diners into a refreshing environment with a feast for both the eyes and the palate.

Café & Patisserie

Café & Patisserie specializes in grab-and-go delicacies including coffee, beverages and light, healthy food options.

Yi Lounge

Yi Lounge is a new benchmark for Shanghai's bar and nightlife scene, mesmerizing guests with Shanghai's world-famous nightlife.

Lobby Lounge

Lobby Lounge is a perfect place to read a book or catch up with your business partners and friends. Complimentary refreshments for in-house guests are available throughout the day.